Cable Caddy 

The Vertical
Cable Caddy

Behind Every Professional is a Great Caddy!



The Vertical Cable Caddy is the lightweight easy to use alternative Cable Caddy that can be used in the Vertical position (as shown to the left) and in the Horizontal position (as shown below).

Suitable for many different industries:

Cable and Satellite Technicians: Already find the Vertical Cable Caddy easy to use and friendly to home interiors.

Electricians: No longer, have to use their A-frame ladder and a piece of conduit with electrical tape to hold wire in place.

Sound and Alarm System Technicians: Can use multiple spools of wire at a time.


* Ergonomic handle allows easy carrying.
* Dual ball bearing disks allow smooth dispensing of cable/wire.
* Easy to remove handle allows technicians to load and unload spools and reels of cable effortlessly.
* Center pole can be sized to your specifications (standard sizes are 18” 24” and 30” high).
* Uses less cargo space in service vehicles.
* Easily gets through doorways and up or down stairs.
* Will not scuff walls or scratch hardwood floors.

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